(and other albeit scatterbrained advice on navigating Colorado Springs)

Footnote on I-25 through Colorado Springs - the expressway on the north side of town is in the middle of major reconstruction which won't wrap up until 2007. Possibility of delays exist, especially during rush hours. Lately, 25 shuts down to single lanes overnights & on some weekends, which creates major backups, so good luck & fair warning!
Here are 2 surface street alternatives if you hit traffic:

Option 1 - exits 25 shortly after the construction zone starts. Will take maybe 15-20 mins to get through town.
  • Exit I-25 @ Woodmen, then.....
  • R on Woodmen (street name changes to Rockrimmon shortly after the exit. Sign at a light points Woodmen to the right. Go straight ahead onto Rockrimmon.)
  • R on Vindicator
  • L on Centennial
  • R on 30th St.
  • Proceed on 30th past Garden of the Gods, it will tee off at Colorado Ave. in Manitou Springs
  • R on Colorado, then take the immediate 1st left onto 31st (suicide lane change here)
  • You'll immediately connect with the 24 expressway, turn right, & up the pass you go per above.

Option 2 - use this if traffic backs up as you approach town. Gets you off 25 sooner. Basically, this is just a workaround to get you onto Woodmen, then you can proceed as per Option 1...
  • Exit 25 @ Briargate
  • Exit routes directly onto Briargate, then....
  • R on Lexington
  • R on Woodmen
  • You'll pass under 25 on Woodmen, then proceed as per Option 1 above
  • (WEIRD FOOTNOTE - You get off 25 on Briargate Pkwy, and you'll cross Briargate Blvd. on Lexington. Not the same street. Don't let it confuse you!

FROM THE COLO SPRINGS AIRPORT: In simple terms, just follow the signs to I-25 (very well marked) take 25 north, then exit at Cimarron (2nd exit - Tejon/Nevada, then Cimarron) & proceed as per the top of the page. For those of you analytics out there:

Finally, avoiding Denver is A Very Wise Thing To Do (whenever possible.) Legendary congested expressway traffic, and sorry folks, the E-470 beltway on the east side of town is one of the most expensive toll roads in America. $11.00 one way to take it the full length, double that at least if you're if you're towing something. Strongly suggest taking US 24 directly into Colo Springs from I-70 at Limon (about 70 mi) & thus bypass Denver altogether.

If you do approach Denver via 1-76 (coming from I-80) try and avoid rush hours; 6-9 & 3-6 weekdays.